Argent Minerals has already invested millions of dollars in relation to the local environment, well ahead of mining (and revenue). The Company is determined to leave a positive impact on the area. A detailed, carefully prepared Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was submitted to the NSW Department of Planning & Infrastructure (DP&I) on 8 April 2013. This was reviewed by 17 different government departments representing stakeholders, as part of the standard approval process. Preliminary feedback provided by the DP&I to Argent based on these reviews was well within expectations. The Company is confident that its proposed mining and environmental management plans will be approved, following EIS revisions, community consultation, public exhibition, and final determination by the DP&I.

Meanwhile, Argent continues to monitor environmental factors on a regular basis to ensure an accurate understanding of the state of the environment before mining, for reference and comparison after the Company has completed the proposed mining and environmental rehabilitation.


Argent staff measures water level in a test water bore at Kempfield


Creek water quality is sampled on a regular basis


The Kempfield site manager downloads data from a water flow measurement station installed by Argent

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